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Monday, August 27, 2012

Updating Those Canvas Bags

If you're like me, over the years you've collected little tote bags...some have logos - some are plain .. but they all seem to pop up here and there.

Now, I'm not one to recycle (SSSHHHH!!!) but while cleaning up my basement, I kept moving a pile of canvas bags from one chair to another ... and I just decided I'd join the wave of bag toting ditching the plastic grocery tote folks.

I normally start with a pencil sketch ... I'e used transfer pencils, charcoal pencils and reg ol' number 2 pencils.

Now I know there are tons of fabric paints out there on the market ... but I ditched those long ago in favor of plain acrylic paint. These bags will be used to tote groceries to and from ... and will most likely rarely see the washing machine. The first layers, I'll scrub in to my fabric with water and glazing medium. I've found glazing medium to work wonderfully in sealing the paint into the fabric, while keeping the painted surface pliable.

Shading on fabric, at least for me, is just as easy as on paper. This is where I left off with my tote last night ... I'll post the finished bag soon!

Here is a pic of another canvas messenger bag that I painted last weekend .. . I love painting on fabric - and painting on canvas is actually my favorite.