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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Painting With Bloom Stamps: A Quick and Easy Step by Step

I have been having so much fun with Prima's new line of stamps by Jamie Doughtery ... and I wanted to share the fun I had painting these stamps with watercolors. For this project I am currently working on, I am using PH Martin's Hydra watercolors. Papers are by Prima - The Romantique Collection - "Hedgerow"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SOUL FOOD Lessons 2014 - Zorana Technique's cold out there baby!! 17 degrees here in the Northern Virginia area! While I am waiting for Spring to officially arrive, I am keeping busy with the Soul Food 2014 Lessons. This lesson by artist Zorana, was interesting using bronze acrylics and our chalk pencils. It's fascinating to me how these mediums can be manipulated. This lesson showcased the hidden patina in the paint. I love simple palettes too ... so I was very happy with how Zorana's lesson turned out for me.

Friday, January 3, 2014

SOUL FOOD 2014: Lesson Two

Lesson 2 on Soul Food is by artist Gwenn Seemel, who encourages us to sketch using our markers. I felt much more comfortable with this exercise - and I chose to draw my reflection from my Kindle. I used my Pitt Pens, going from light to dark as Gwen instructed. This is definitely something I will do more of - sketching and drawing with not just my pencils - but my markers.

SOUL FOOD 2014: Starting The New Year Off Creatively

The beginning of 2014 is starting off with a creative bang for me. I am currently doing Mystele's Soul Food course - and so far it is taking me far out of my comfort zone.

The first lesson, was a warm up = using a Gelli plate and finding inspiration in the shapes and colors of our print. Well ... I don't have a Gelli Plate - so I used what I had - which was a recycled mouse pad from years ag0, when I suffered from carpal tunnel. This particular mouse pad is almost the exact consistency of the Gelli Plate - so it was perfect for Lesson 1.

While Mystele used an embossing stamp, I chose to add texture using a stencil and Decoart Modeling Paste - then I added color with some gelato sticks.

Since this lesson is a fun - warm up - I tried to go with it...and chose my shapes from what I saw with the paint. I'm not sure this is what I was looking to create - but this is what came out ... I may have to revisit the Gelli Plate method later on - at leaast experiment more with backgrounds.