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Friday, November 27, 2009

Non Traditional Holiday Colors

This is my experimentation using non traditional holiday colors. I normally experiment with ATCs - a nice small surface, quick to paint...and of course fun to trade.

For both ATCs, I used an Aqua Brush and H20 Twinkling Luminare watercolors. For embellishments, I used some sparkly crystals from my scrapbook stash.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Experimenting With Watercolor

Hello All!! I apologize for the big lapse in posting. The summer went by so quickly .. and then work took over (lots of traveling)...and for the past 2.5 weeks I have been battling the flu. In between all that my creativity just seemed to fall off a cliff!!...but I've been slowly getting back in the swing of things...I did a free hand with watercolor called Lovely... and I also managed to work on the Boys Rule a bit more, my son giving me some input..LOL

I'm thinking about using Boys Rules, once it is finished, as a Birthday Invitation. My son will be 12 next year, and I have begun doing "all boy" parties - less drama!!! This year will most likely be arcade, movies and Pizza Hut with about 4-6 of my son's closest friends.