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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys Rule

My son always paints with me ... he's very artistic - but has often commented that most everything I paint - is for GIRLS!!! Now, I've done things for boys...but I must admit that I paint lots of flowers ... lots of things that boys would frown upon.

Sooooo....the other night, as my son and I watched a movie - I took out my sketch pad and decided to draw something just for him. It wasn't too bad ... and he looked over and said.."HEY!!!...that's me!!"

I outlines the sketch with a black pigma pen...then just took out my Aqua brush and some H2O paint...and decided to wing it. I'm not finished yet...have no clue what I'll add...but this is what I have so far:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Welcome To Brown Sugar Baby Brushes!!!

I realized that my other blog is really all about Paper new this blog is totally devoted to my Brown Sugar Baby Brush creations. Instead of reposting items that I have in my albums and on Brown Sugar Babies Talk - I'll just keep moving forward here, with new creations.

Right now, I'm working on tins. I am doing these buckets freehand - and while I was planning on selling these on Etsy - I believe I've made a mess of things already.

These started out as Angel Tins for Christmas,but I messed up the wings and added daisies to try and hide the mess...and now...its in the ugly stage!!LOL
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They are still looking I'm letting them sit while I work on the sister can, which I will post some time before the end of the week.