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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Experimenting With Watercolor

Hello All!! I apologize for the big lapse in posting. The summer went by so quickly .. and then work took over (lots of traveling)...and for the past 2.5 weeks I have been battling the flu. In between all that my creativity just seemed to fall off a cliff!!...but I've been slowly getting back in the swing of things...I did a free hand with watercolor called Lovely... and I also managed to work on the Boys Rule a bit more, my son giving me some input..LOL

I'm thinking about using Boys Rules, once it is finished, as a Birthday Invitation. My son will be 12 next year, and I have begun doing "all boy" parties - less drama!!! This year will most likely be arcade, movies and Pizza Hut with about 4-6 of my son's closest friends.


  1. Wow..great birthday invitation for the party...he will love it...thanks for the comments on my blog..your so sweet..Hugs Deloris

  2. Feel better Keni,your watercolors are great!
    Hugs, Laura. Get well soon.
    I am from Artist for the creative mind group.
    Tolegranny yahoo group.
    Your profile picture is very cool too.

  3. Sorry you've been so sick. Seems to be everywhere this year. I think that watercolor would make a perfect invite!

  4. Ohhh those are cute! Had to laugh reading about your son's party. I raised four guys (now men) and oh do I remember the pizza parties and the loudness. Good luck. Thanks for stopping by.