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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adding Roses to My Mixed Media Project

I've been so busy working, I have finally gotten free time to continue with this little box.

I'm adding roses!!

Along with Sharon Tomlinson's FACES class on ning - I also joined an old online buddy's ning group - Australian Artist Jan Fox. I love Jan's roses, and was so excited when she created a rose group!! Jan does FABULOUS mixed media ... so I'm in heaven between Sharon and Jan on Ning.

SO far, here's what I have done with Jan's rose challenge....and yes, I'm combining the 2 mixed media classes on one surface.

STEP ONE was adding the rose collage, which I used gel medium to get on the box. Then I found a line drawing from Deanne Fortnam's Tolefriends project which was offered a couple of months ago.

Here's where I am so far after putting the line drawing on and basecoating.

Free Image Hosting at

Corner One
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Corner Two

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Now, I can't find my directions to painting Deanne's rose - so I'm winging it!!! Wish me luck!!


  1. This is amazing! Your work is so awesome!

  2. Clever girl! Tee hee and with a few days to spare before the deadline too! Can't wait to see the finished piece! hugz Jan

  3. Keni ... I love, love love what you are coming up with here Girl! ... Amber :>)

  4. I love the roses. Great work Keni.