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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Santa's Coming!!

Can you believe Christmas is in a couple of weeks?? Where in the world did this year go??

This weekend I had Christmas on the brain, as I started going over my holiday decorations ... and came upon some rusty tin tree toppers, that I'd bought about 5 years ago. When I first started decorative painting in 2000, I went berserk buying all the latest paints, brushes ... and surfaces. I can't tell you how many surfaces that I still have - that at the time I felt was "too good to mess up" with my beginner painting skills.

Luckily, I curbed my spending somewhat on surfaces ... and I feel as if my skill has finally caught up with my confidence - or vice versa!LOL

Anyhow ... for years I've wanted a nice tree topper- but never felt as if I had the skills to create my own ... until this weekend. I pulled out one of the tree toppers I'd purchased so many years ago ... and decided to paint it. This year, I am going to have the Santa Tree Topper that I've wanted to have.Free Image Hosting at This took me about 7 hours yesterday .... and I'm really happy with the way it came out. I have Santa on the brain now, and I'm thinking about painting the other star that I have sitting on my paint table.Free Image Hosting at


  1. Very nice...I love him soft looking !!
    Very cute !!
    Thanks for Sharing.
    Can I post hme on my blog and tell what my friend is doing.
    Let me know.

  2. He's adorable, the facial detail is the best and yes paint on he needs a boo lol

  3. Hello there...You are a winner...come see.

  4. I love your personalized tree topper and thank you for stopping by my post. Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year full of dreams fulfilled! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart