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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Painters Block BreakThrough

Hi Bloggers!

I hope everyone has been having a creative New Year so far. While anticipating snow that never came, I decided to try and finish this piece that I'd titled Painters Block. I started it in Oct .. but put it aside when I'd reached an impasse.

I decided to paint the final face on the corner, I felt that it would somehow add dimension ... and while I'm not so sure I'm finished with the piece, I feel as if I'm close.

I'm going back and forth right now as to whether to leave her bald, or add hair using the same technique as I did with the corkboard project.

So while the smidgen of snow we got last night has already melted, I at least accomplished a little something!LOL


  1. I love this brown sugar baby...i kind of like her bald. I am not sure why but she just appeals to me since I have felt down in the dumps with a stomach volcano. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    p.s. I can send you some of our snowfall :O)!

  2. So very cool! I love how her face is on the corner like that! So creative you are!

  3. Wonderful! I think she will look great with hair or without! I love how you did the hair on the notebook that you did!