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Thursday, November 24, 2011

There For By The Grace of God this Thanksgiving ....

Hello There!

I've been a bad blogger ... I've been taking care of many things in my life ... I had a good first show at the SBA Expo last month ... and I'm preparing for a Christmas Expo on December 15th .. lots of good things ... then real life began creeping in ...

It's like a series of minor incidents with my son had been building up to this point. I had a scare with him with a football injury...he had cat-scans checking for head damage. His migraines had also flared up ... and my worry quotient had already been high ... many things I had been doing were falling by the wayside because it seemed my son began having all these health issues.

... but one single event brought everything home for me last Saturday.

My thirteen year old was with my ex, and because of inattention on the part of my ex- they were involved in an accident totaling my ex's car .... and only by the grace of God, my ex and my son walked away without a scratch.

"Mom, I've been in an accident"

I still get chills remembering the sound of my son;s voice. He is calm like me, going cold under pressure ... but I just needed to see his face ... hug him close .. it was the longest 15 minute drive of my life.

When people say a certain event puts everything else into perspective - believe it. This did, the painting, the shows, the design teams, the swaps ... all fall by the wayside.

The car was indeed totaled, and the police told me had the truck - yes TRUCK - been going any faster, they would both be dead. Here it was the week before Thanksgiving, and God saw fit to leave my only child on this earth ... he and his father were alive.

THAT is what I am thankful for, what I am grateful for ... why I feel blessed. I have my son.

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  1. You will always be blessed because of your precious son... life is good and the joys you share as an artist is priceless. Blessings to you ! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart