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Friday, February 24, 2012

Quick and Easy Bird Tutorial

Back in 2000 I was crazy about One-stroke painting, and during my OSCI certification with Donna Dewberry, she gave us some good advice. She told us no matter how good we learned to paint flowers - that we should always know how to paint the basics - Fruit and Birds ... and practice your lettering!

Fast forward to 2012 ... I haven't painted strictly One-stroke in a very long time...but Donna Dewberry's prediction has come to fruition over and over again over the past 12 years. Customers always request fruit ... some type of bird ... and personalization!

The pictorial tutorial below is a Quick and Easy method for painting a cardinal. Luckily for me my customer did not want a realistic bird...they wanted a whimsical floral design with a cardinal...and they wanted the mailbox cover to be personalized.

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  1. Awesome progression of brushstrokes!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart