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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trying to Find a Balance

After 15 months I finally started doing mini albums again. I love making mini albums ... but I think I set myself up to fail, when I begin watching all the youtube wonder gals churn out masterpiece, after masterpiece .. and I feel as if what I am doing will never compare.

And then I began to ask myself - why should it?

I need to stay on the path I set for myself ... slowly incorporating my designs into all that I do.

This mini album is one that I started a couple of weeks ago - to get back in the wing of scrappin' and making mini albums. I gave this one to my sister, who is here visiting me from Brooklyn.

I used all old papers that I had ... I haven't bought ANY new supplies in a long time ... and I refuse to by more until I get rid of what I have. So ... for now ... I will busy myself with using the YouTube Wonder Gals for learning the marvelous techniques that they share. Though, I will not let myself be deterred from incorporating my art into all that I do.

1 comment:

  1. You have great balance and I say, "Keep following the goals and passions that you have for yourself!" The painting is great and there is so much more ahead. Your work is AWESOME!