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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Season Of Artful Orange ...Concluded

Well, I'm done with this one - and I like how it turned out. I painted this on a canvas sheet - I buy the pads from my local tole shop. I don't know if I'll frame it or adhere it to something else ... but for now it's hanging above my paint table.

Millande's exercise pushed me out of my comfort tone, using the oranges ... and it also prodded me to play with the different complexion tones and shapes of faces.

There are wonderful mixed media groups out there right now. Some of the classes are free and some you pay for. I encourage all of you to dip your toes in the water and have some fun.

Right now I'm waiting for Sharon's next class to start up. I'm also doing a journal class on Jan Fox's site - which starts today. It's a 4 week class.

Speaking of Jan - I watched a video of hers this morning - making your own alcohol inks!!! For a frugal gal like myself, this was right up my alley!!! And these pens are always laying around and they dry out before I use why not make some inexpensive alcohol ink? I know I'll use it more so than I do a Sharpie.

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  1. So very pretty Keni! Definitely frame it!! Awesome job!