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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Face One in Technicolor!!!

WOW, okay, so this is scary to me. I am not quite finished, but managed to begin applying color. I always get a little nervous before I start painting ... and this time...boy oh boy, was I nervous!Free Image Hosting at

At first she was really looking like a monster .. maybe its the blues and greens ... but I kept going. This is the first time, outside of doodling, that I'm using non-familiar colors to paint a face. Not reaching for my normal fleshtones was hard for me. In this exercise, my "fleshtone" is light green.

My palette is Jade Green, Midnight Green, Barn Red, Golden Yellow and Prussian Blue. I used Jade Green as the eye and lip highlights as well.

I'm not done, there is still more to the exercise and one more color to add. I also may add a lighter green .. maybe tea green? I don't know yet.

Sharon has really pushed me waaay outside my box on this one!

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