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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Large Canvas In Progress

When I was married, my ex never wanted me to hang anything on the walls - ANYTHING. Now for most people that is a WTF ... but for an artist - it's agony.LOL Let's just say I went with the "pick your battles" scenario for a long time ... and now ... I find myself hating the site of white walls.

Since I rent, I can't paint them ... so FINALLY I will cover them - with my own art. I have painted boxes and chairs ... ATCs and mini canvas ... and finally I feel as if I'm ready to tackle large canvases again.

This one, which is in progress now, is going to hang in my bedroom.It will be interesting to see how she comes out ... I'm just painting with the flow on this one.

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  1. You go girl...My dad would not let my mother hand things on the walls so now i am covering our walls every chance I get. party on! Blessings, Mary Helen