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Friday, June 1, 2012

Double Canvas in Progress

Can you believe we are beginning the sixth month of the year!!!! I know I need to kick some things up a notch - the year is 1/2 way complete!! not one to let time go a-wasting ... I'm working on my double canvas today - and so far so good.
Have a great weekend everyone~


  1. Hi Kay Tee,
    My name is Sherise Wright. I commented on your work on the All Norah's Art site,and I am not sure if you received it. I wanted to let you that your work is BEAUTIFUL. I am so inspired to transform my sketches. I was wondering what types of paints do you use and the type of glazing mediums. Are the glazing mediums Golden products. I wanted to take Norah'S class with Sharon Tomlinson entitled Norah's Darker Skintones, but unfortunately it is closed. I have tried acrylic paints but my paintings do not how a shine to it. I am not sure if you have time, but your input would be most gratefully appreciated.

    Happy Quilting & Crafting!

    Ms. Sherise Marie Wright

    P.S. The eyes on your pieces are so inviting and beautiful. I love the color and style because it pulls you into the story. Good Luck with your new piece and many more to come and from the looks of things your new work is going to be outstanding as well. Sorry for the long comments.

    1. Hello Sherise...sorry I didn't see your comment on Norah's site - it's been a while since I've been on her Ning site.

      I'm using Jo Sonja acrylic paint .. and prior to that I used Ceramcoat and Americana Acrylics.

      The glazing mediums I'm using are also from Jo Sonja, Ceramcoat and Folkart. Every paint line has their own glazing medium.

      Thanks so much for you wonderful comments.

  2. I forgot to add that when I am painting ... I will use more glazing medium than water ... and I work in layers - and as you can see from the pic - my hair dryer is my best friend. Each layer - I hit it with the hair dryer. This way, you get a nice build up of colors..this is especially so with the way I work with African American skintones. As you can see from the pic above - you can still see the background colors through the thin layer of brown I added ... it's all about the undertones of the skin with African American skintones - at least the way I paint them. The next time I start a canvas I will do a video so you can see what I am doing ... and I THINK I have a video on youtube ... I will find it and post it for you.

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I appreciate your time. I have so many sketches that it is not funny. I am a quilter from the heart and I am working on one for exhibition. As soon as I sit down I am going to paint and do some mixed media stuff as well.