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Friday, December 4, 2009

Journaling, Doodling, Sketching My Heart's Content

Ever since I was a little girl (in the seventies...EEEK) ... I doodled. Curly ques, little faces, eyes, flowers ... whatever struck my fancy. My Mother is an artist, and while she painted portraits - I scribbled away in my black and white composition books ... and now, in a world full of Zentangles ... I find myself smiling that something that I did absently as a child, teen and even today ... has been branded with a fancy schmancy name....Zentangles. In our house - it was called Doodling!LOL

Anyhow ... there is a ton of journaling, doodling and sketching going on...not just by me...but everywhere I look....and its fun!!

The Art For The Creative Mind Group, we're doing a journal self challenge after being inspired by Teesha Moore. Now, I get an instant creative block when I try to do someone else's I have to slowly find my inspiration.
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Then...there's a cool blog Sketches, Messes 2nd time Around ... and she is doing an open ended doodling/sketching challenge of the alphabet. This one is FUN!...and I find myself thinking about these and doodling them at work. I still need to add color, and as soon as I do - I'll post them.

So pick up those pencils and pens and enjoy a little doodle!


  1. I will go check out that link. Can't wait to see yours when you color them in.

  2. I love your style of "doodling" if that's what you call out, I call it really cool and whimsical...

    Which blog should I put on my sidebar. Will you be posting your A to Z on this one or the other one.

  3. Hi Sandy - Thanks for the kind words, I'll be posting my A to Z's on this blog.