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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A to Z Sketch Challenge

Okay ... I'm catching up ... with my quick A to Z sketches! I have to thank Sandy for putting this challenge out there, because it's a fun one - and its forcing me outside of my box. I find myself doing these quick little sketches at work, so I "force" myself not to THINK too hard about it ... just focus on something and sketch it!

I added color to all but my "C", which I misplaced ... but while looking for it, I decided to REALLY make this challenge useful for me, I'll do the rest of the alphabet on file folders. This way, I'll have a cute, quirky set of folders when it's all said and done, instead of putting these in a journal.

Now ... some will be plain...some will be more elaborate...I'm just REALLY trying to not over think these little diddies. LOL

- I did this at work while stuffy, achey and left with a nasty tast in my mouth. I colored with highlighters on my desk.

B is for BEDTIME
- I think the commentary says it all.LOL

A is for Apple
- I went back and colored this one with Twinkling H20 Luminares (LOVE these watercolors!)


  1. Ohh I like each of your A to F drawings so far. Love the fughetaboutit..haha, great one. I won't comment on each one because I was in the middle of commenting and my darn computer froze up, it does that way too often. Anyway, these were enjoyable to look at and now I can put your name on the A to Z list on my blog ...I didn't realize you had got these all done. Love them.

  2. Welcome to the ABC Challenge. I am enjoying all your A-F drawings.