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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Working on Angels

While trying to work out one of my sketches, I decided to work it out on a surface. I notice so many times when I am working out designs - its either in my journal, my sketchbook or on scrap pieces of paper...but never on the kaZILLION surfaces I have stocked away.

Different view:Free Image Hosting at

What am I saving these pieces for?

Sooooo...I bit the bullet and tried putting the angel on the box. I used Jo Sonja texture paste on her wings, and though it is hard to tell from the photo - also on her hair. My son - my most honest critic - immediately touched the hair and wings...and said it was cool...awesome...and that I should keep it. (not paint over it)

So, here is the first of many angel designs - always a work in progress for me.