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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hope and Love

I had to turn the tv off. Between all the negativity surrounding politics, the devastation of Haiti...and even the constant worrying I do as a newly separated/single Mom ... I could feel it. A creeping oppressive weight starting to push in on me ... and I have decided to push back.

I can't do anything about stupid Washington politics.

I can't do anything about the utter devastation in Haiti, other than to pray and donate when I can.

I can't do anything about my personal situation but frankly be thankful that I had the strength to walk away rather than be disrespected.

I *can* stay positive .

I CAN thank God every day that I drive to work, that I am driving to WORK.

I CAN thank GOd that I have managed to have some semblance of normalcy with my soon to-be-ex, because our son deserves to have 2 parents who can put aside their differences and respect each other - for him at least.

And I can paint.

I can draw.

I can dig as deep as I need to dig, in order to keep pushing the negativity away.

Here are two ATCs that I did, while pushing the negativity away. "Hope" is on a watercolor ATC, and "Love" is on a mini ATC canvas.
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  1. And this is all you CAN do at the moment...which is to take care of yourself and wish the best for others!

    Love it!

    Great pieces. I really love Hope!

  2. Found you through Darla - glad I stopped by..your art is wonderful!

    And your attitude is as well - I know it can be hard - I was once in a disrespectful relationship (actually turned fron disrespect to abusive) but the first time he hit me I was GONE! I had 4 children and I didn't want my girls to think that was how it was supposed to be and my boys to think it was OK..and I never looked back.

    It was hard, but I have been married to Mr. B for 27 years and he is the best (step) Dad to all my kids- they don't know any other Dad -and they are wonderful, happy (grown) children.
    So, stay strong, paint and love..

    And I'll be back when I can stay a while :-)

  3. Be brave, love your atcs, they look happy! Keep painting.

  4. Such incredible strength and wisdom radiate from this post. Hang in there. Stay balanced. Keep the faith of these words.

  5. Thanks for leaving me such a lovely message. Wow, we are feeling the same aren't we! Your post reflects everything I wrote in mine a few days previous. I hope we can block the negativity and carry on seeking out the positive! Thanks for being such a faithful blog follower. I look forward to reading all your back posts! XoXo

  6. You go girl! Be happy and do your best everyday, thats all that can be expected of us!
    Love your art by the way!


  7. Art can always inspire even when the heart is heavy. You have an inner beauty that we can see through your art. During these difficult times, it is always great to know what gives one the strength to go on. When I go through difficult times ( I was also one who went through a separation) I find this saying helped me. It is better to walk with an angel through hell than with the devil through paradise. Take care-love your work!